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Yess welcome to our community! If you aren't registered then make sure to do so! We hope you feel right at home here.
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We are a strong believer in common sense so all the DiodeMatrix community forums won't have specific rule pages.
We won't ban to censor or without a decent reason but when you are making big problem's we might suspend you. No worries our Moderators are hand picked.

Quick across board rules
  1. If a forum contains a rule page than that will override the global forum rules. Since we also host forums for different people/groups or companies.
  2. If you are in a fight with someone then go ahead and fight it out somewhere else.
  3. Don't do anything different than usual, we aren't going to help you if you break the law.
  4. I know we like porn but please keep it clean! There are enough different websites for that. (This is because some people watch these forums at work ;) )
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update: 01-07-2018