OGPEN stands for the 'Online Gaming Preservation Network' and is an organisation that is not linked to DiodeMatrix. We are not responsible for what OGPEN posts or hosts.

We at DiodeMatrix love this initiative and support OGPEN by giving them servers and funding in the form of donations. Members/developers of OGPEN are not on DiodeMatrix's payroll and users do not pay for their services.
Users may donate to OGPEN and their projects and/or use different methods of supporting them.
The DiodeMatrix Financial Division takes care of money donations and bookkeeping for OGPEN. This again does not mean that OGPEN is connected to DiodeMatrix.
OGPEN follows their own taxing rules, so does DiodeMatrix.

We are just helping them preserving the wonder-world of online gaming, and OGPEN should follow all copyright rules.
You may see it as an online museum

If you have issues with OGPEN please contact issues@ogpen.org and state your reasons. We handle copyright issues on this forum, for that please contact business@diodematrix.com and bcc/cc DMCA@DIOMTEC.COM
We will also update our privacy (GDPR)/(AVG) documents on https://diodematrix.com/legal/ to protect users at OGPEN.
Thank you.

Any questions about our co-operation please contact us on our website or make a forum post.
kind regards,


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